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The memories I have of my childhood are sketchy at best but for the benefit of you the reader, I will try and provide as many details as I can remember. I was born in the south of Nyeri in a sleepy little village called Kanjora in Tetu constituency. My father was born in the Mumbui clan and therefore as per the kikuyu tradition, this became my clan. Child hood for me was a mixture of highs and lows. I was born into a family with three sisters; Carol, Morine and Linnet so I had love from the start, however it was not all rosy as some got jealous because of the attention I was receiving from my parents who must have prayed for a boy for a long time. I attended my first years in a primary school in the same village; the school was called Kanjora Primary school, I can’t remember much about since I only spent my lower primary years there. However, I do clearly remember there was a river below the school where during lunchtime as we lower primary school kids closed school, we would go for a swim naked in the river: yeahp! Looking back, I can’t believe I did it too… we also used to go fishing there with my cousins john and Priscilla. My sister linnet who was almost my age then was not fond of the fast water so she didn’t come with us but that didn’t stop the fun. I also remember the carrying of ash from our homesteads to go sweep the class in the afternoon not to mention the lessons in kikuyu which well were interesting to put it as an understatement. I also remember the adventures we had as kids with a few of my friends, stealing a whole box of sweets from Mr. Kang’atas shop with my friends Cithi and Kariuki- we got slapped silly by our parents later after we were found out which was totally my fault because I gave out the names of the people we had stolen with after I was promised another box of sweets by the shop owner. Mind you I didn’t lay my eyes on them but couldn’t seat for a few days after the spanking with a `mutathi’ stick which is known for inflicting maximum damage on the buttocks of a young boy without incurring much damage itself. That way, parents can use it the next time a boy errs. There was also this other incident when a mad man tried digging his way into our house for what purpose I don’t know. Stealing would be my best guess I also guess he wasn’t as mad as people thought. My late Dad; God bless his soul; was quite a lover of the bottle and hence each evening, he used to leave home in the evening to have a pint at Ihururu town which was the nearest watering hole. The mad man I think established my father’s pattern and once while he was out, he came visiting at night and uninvited. On the fateful night, my mother was refilling a small tank which was usually situated outside our house. The mad man came and removed the pipe that was taking water to the tank so that the dripping water could fool my mother into thinking that the tank was full. That way she would open the door for him and he would creep inside the house. Unluckily for him, my mother due to her strong instinct decided not to open the door. Seeing that his plan had failed, he decided to try and dig his way into the house since the floor was not cemented. Unluckily for him he hit a post in the house as he was digging and he woke us up (I actually didn’t wake up, but the others did) my mum called the neighbours and his attempt was foiled. He never came back though. He was stopped by another neighbours spear after he tried to my neighbour’s cows in the dead of the night without his permission. It was a nasty affair especially since he had helped several other neighbours milk theirs in the most ingenious way. But that’s a story for another day. All his antics however got me thinking that he wasn’t really mad rather he was a genius with a penchant for camouflage and who was highly misunderstood by us all. My childhood at kanjora was however cut short when my parents bought a farm in Narumoru in the suburbs of Nyeri. At that time it was early in 2002 and I was just in class two, still too young and green but I welcomed the opportunity since it meant new friends and I expected better chances. I wasn’t disappointed.